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  • How do I create an account?

    If it is your first time making a booking with us start off by requesting a service. Once you’ve filled out your details we’ll prompt you to create an account. If you are not ready to book, you can click on the login button on the top right hand of the home page and click on the "Sign up" button. Alternatively use Google and Facebook log in to sign up.

  • Reset my password

    Log in to your account and you will find a section to reset your password. You will need your old password to create a new one. In case you've forgotten your password follow the forgotten password link and we will help you reset your password.

  • Change your email, phone, or address

    Moved houses? Changed your phone number? Keep us updated by changing your account information. Simply log in to your account and change your details and then save your changes.

  • Delete my account

    If you no longer want to use SafiSafi and wish for your account to be deleted, kindly contact us via email or phone.

  • How do I use my referral voucher

    If you liked our services and successfully referred a friend or family to us, (i.e. they ended up booking a service using SafiSafi) then we will send you a voucher via email with a one off promo code. Use this promo code when you are making a payment and we will apply a discount to your bill.

  • Request a refund of credits

    If you cancelled your booking 24 hours before your booking or you were unsatisfied with the service do let us know! Your account will be refunded. Our system will automatically apply this to your next booking and if there is an additional balance to be paid this can be settled by electronic payment.

  • I was charged incorrectly

    We're really sorry if we've charged you incorrectly. To make sure this is the case, check your history on your bookings page. Get in touch with our customer care team and we will get it sorted as soon as possible.

  • Dispute a "Customer No-Show

    A Customer No-Show occurs when our pro failed to gain entry into your home to complete his job. It may happen if your instructions were incomplete or you simply forgot that your pro was scheduled to do a job. However, we also acknowledge in the interest of fairness that the pro would have spent time and money to get to you. If you feel that it was beyond your control or it was incorrect get in touch with the customer care team and we will endeavour to resolve the situation as quickly and fairly as possible.

  • Dispute a cancellation or rescheduling fee

    Cancellation at a short notice can cause a pro to lose a job he might have otherwise done. In the interest of keeping it fair for everyone any cancellation between 4 and 24 hours of the booking attracts a KES 500 charge and a full booking charge if it is less than 4 hours before the booking. If you think this is incorrect or mistakenly charged then get in touch with us and we will get back to you with a quick and fair solution.

  • How can I view and use my credits?

    Your credits will show up in your wallet in your account page. Simply log in and check your account page to see what you don’t owe us. Credits are applied automatically to your next booking.