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  • Do I need to be home?

    In the booking form there is a section additional information where you can inform us whether you will be at home or not, so it’s really up to you! If you’re not at home, don’t worry, simply leave instructions about how the professional will gain entry into your home. You might want to leave the key with a neighbor, the security guard or with a concierge if you have one.

  • How does SafiSafi work?

    We know that sometimes you don’t want the hassle of keeping a full time cleaner and its difficult to get a trustworthy and reliable handyman to do the odd jobs. We work really hard to take this headache away from you and help you book a vetted and trained professional in less than a minute with just a few clicks.

    1. Get on to our homepage www.safisafi.co.ke
    2. Choose cleaning or any other service
    3. Fill out the simple booking form including the time and date that you want your cleaner or pro to show up.
    4. We’ll take a secure electronic payment and confirm your booking.
    5. As soon as we find the right pro for you, we shall email you with their details.
    6. Sit back, relax, the pro will arrive at the designated place and hour to service your home.
    7. After the pro is done, we would recommend you rate them to ensure that the quality was of sufficient standard.
  • Trust & safety

    We know trust and safety are at the forefront of the services we provide. It is as important to us as it is to you and therefore we have the most stringent of vetting processes including background checks and adhoc on-site supervisor checks to make sure the cleaners and professionals are delivering. We also get our customers to rate the professionals so that we can get the reassurance that we are sending you the best people.

  • Should I tip my pro?

    If your pro did a fantastic job and you would like to tip them, please let us not stop you!

  • How are customers matched with pros?

    We aim to provide the best match for our customers and by matching the best professionals we do exactly that! We have an extensive network of professionals that are constantly being updated through our customer’s valuable feedback and random onsite supervision. Through a few clicks we get you exactly what you are looking for and leave the rest to us.

  • What should I do if I have a pet?

    Let us know if you have a pet when you make a booking. We will make sure that the professional that shows up at your doorstep is comfortable in the presence of your dog, cat or maybe a snake!

  • Give entry instructions

    If you’re not at home, while you are going through the booking process we will prompt you to leave a note on how the professional can gain access to your place. You may consider leaving the key with a neighbor, the watchman or with a concierge if you have one.

  • How do I rate my pro? Can I change my rating?

    After your pro has finished their job we will send you an email so that you can rate your pro. If you prefer you can log into your account see your historical bookings and click the link to rate your pro.

  • Add instructions or special requests

    Have a pet? Is there anything else we should know about? As you’re making your booking let us know in the additional information section.

  • Who is my professional?

    We try and match your professional to you within hours of you making a booking. As soon as this is done we will send you an email with the details of your pro. Alternatively you can login to your account and check your pro’s details in your upcoming bookings.