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Other Services

  • What services are offered?

    We offer you with electricians, plumbers and handymen to do all those odd jobs in the house. Here is a comprehensive list of all the services offered. Electricians – Light fixtures, Wiring and sockets, Repair of general household appliances, Other requests as per your requirement. Plumbers – Unclogging drains, Fixing new taps and showers, Fixing toilets including broken cisterns and flush handles, other general leaks, Other requests as per your requirement. Handyman – Putting up your shelves and picture frames, furniture assembly, Mounting a TV, Fitting your curtains and blinds, Putting new door knobs and handles, Other requests as per your requirement.

  • How are other services priced?

    Our other services are priced per hour. There is a minimum number of two hours that the pro will have to be there. The price per hour is 1000 KES. Therefore the minimum you will pay is 2000 KES.

  • Can I book more than one professional?

    Is the repair a big job? Do you require more than one pro? Don’t worry; all you have to do is fill in the booking form twice or for as many pros as you need. We’ll make sure we get the cavalry ready.

  • How do I know how many hours to choose?

    There is a minimum of two hours as it generally takes the professional to identify the problem and do basic repairs. If the job is more complicated, the professional will advice you on what needs to be done next. We will then tell you what materials and/or parts are needed for this job and give you an estimate of the time required to complete the job.

  • Who is responsible for tools, supplies, & materials?

    Our pros will all carry their equipment kit and some basic supplies like screws, nails and glue. However, you may have to decide with your pro whether you will buy additional materials like bulbs, sockets, valves, taps etc. or the pro will source them for you.

  • Who are the professionals that use SafiSafi?

    SafiSafi professionals are thoroughly checked. We check whether they’ve gone through the necessary training, double check their references and screen their background so that we are sure you’re getting quality through a trustworthy and reliable professional.